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  • The News Dropped Like a Bomb

    A strange thing happened a week ago when the media dropped a "bombshell" story.  It turned out to be true.

    Iran was launching bombs at military bases in Iraq where US troops are stationed. 

    Our son is at one of them. 

    For a few hours Tuesday night, things got very real.

    He joined the South Carolina National Guard right out of high school. It enables him to serve his country while going through college and helping to pay for his education.

  • My New Year's Resolutions Be Like Oops I Did It Again

    We're a week into new resolutions and I can confidently say that I've already broken more resolutions than I will keep the rest of the year. I know this because I've been down this road before.  Last year in fact.  And the one before.  Decades of Resolution entrance and exit ramps are in my rearview.

    It's how I roll. 

  • And the Award Goes to…OH, GIMME A BREAK!

    It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!  Time to declare who rules and who drools!  Time when a pile of people we mostly never heard of but know they’re important because they say they are, offer us their nominees for the world’s most assorted fabulous people in any number of categories.
  • How to Avoid Adulting & Escape Alive!

    At what age do you officially feel like an adult? I’m asking for a friend. Oh, heck. It’s me. I really, really, really want to know. I’ve been waiting on the feeling since I turned 18, I guess. I don’t know what I am expecting to feel exactly – something akin to what I experience when I’m with my mom – that I’m-in-the-presence-of-someone-who-really-knows-what-they’re-doing – feeling.

  • Love the Playa and the Game! Surviving Rival Saturday

    Oh, man. I know this little ditty is going to make a few folks ‘round these parts a little crazy. No! Don’t scroll away! It’s not about politics. It’s not about some pressing social issue we’ll never agree to disagree on anyway. It’s…it’s…it’s about Rivalry Saturday.

  • My Television is a Turkey

    It’s Thanksgiving week and I’m truly, exceedingly grateful. But I know so many good and talented people will be offering amazing, reflective pieces discussing gratitude and grace, that I thought I would be contrary. I’m feeling a little ornery because I can’t turn on my TV.

  • My Husband and the Housekeeper

    I get way too worked up about stuff I cannot control. I have intense conversations with myself (usually right before bedtime) where I imagine myself magically marching on Capitol Hill. I speak truth to power and Everything. Changes.
  • On Kale, Kanye and “Jesus is King”

    Things that you will never hear cross my lips:
    • “Oh, helpful salesgirl, these size 8s are waaayy too big for me. Please do pull the size 00 from the rack. Stat!”
    • “I prefer kale.”
  • The Empty Nest: Push, Pull, Pray and Path

    I had read and heard so much from moms left completely undone by this experience of their children flying the coop for college and other pursuits, when the day finally came, I waited for the wave of sadness to crash over me.

  • Who’s Afraid of Crash Landings?

    Here’s the thing. It’s been crazy. It’s crazy at my age to start a new business - without any experience running the show. It’s even crazier to do it with your 17-year-old daughter as your business partner.