On Kale, Kanye and “Jesus is King”

Things that you will never hear cross my lips:

  • “Oh, helpful salesgirl, these size 8s are waaayy too big for me. Please do pull the size 00 from the rack. Stat!”
  • “I prefer kale.”
  • “Let’s run one more mile. For fun.”  
  • “Hold the bread.”  
  • “I want Kanye’s album for Christmas.”
Actually, that last one isn’t true. I actually do want Kanye’s album for Christmas. Yes, he of Yeezy fame.  The same dude who maniacally ruined Taylor Swift’s VMA moment a decade ago. Kimmy K’s husband. Mr. West if you please.

I do, please!  And it amuses me to no end.  It also reminds me that God has one heckuva sense of humor.

If you had told me back in 2009 when kooky Kanye stormed the stage and dissed the former titan of teenagers Taylor, that a decade later I would come to deeply admire Kanye, I’d have asked to hold your adult beverage.

But that’s where we are.


These days (like everyone else who’s commenting on and otherwise adding their riff on the rapper) I find the change in Kanye West compelling.
(And let me state for the record now so you can tune out if you wish, I do believe it is supernatural.  If you believe in a God who can part the Red Sea, well, it’s not such a giant leap to believe He can touch a member of the Kardashian klan and totally transform him.)

So, yes, I believe Kanye’s on an authentic faith journey. But plenty of others think he’s just taking us all for a ride.

And dealing with all of that judgment will likely be tough for West to navigate.

The world, including fellow Christians, will now be on the hunt for evidence that Kanye’s transformation (“rebirth” if you prefer) is nothing more than another charade - the next incarnation for a celebrity looking for a new act, married into a family whose 15 minutes of fame has become a never ending cycle of new seasons.

So like never before the white hot spotlight now is truly on Kanye West.

As a rap star with the cars, cash and women to bolster his creds, half the country hung on his every rhyme.  Now he’s proclaiming Christ, and suddenly the other half of the country is paying attention.  That’s a whole lot of people watching and analyzing his every move – some holding their breath and waiting for a fall from grace; others hoping for it.

But here’s the thing – Kanye will make a mistake.  He has to living on this side of heaven.  And when he does, please move over and make room for him on the pew because that’s exactly why he - and you and I - need a Savior.

Kanye knows this it seems.  He speaks these days of grace and forgiveness, of climbing out of a deep dark pit, of being asleep and at long last being awake.
If you watch his testimony, first of all – that smile!  He glows. The old Kanye West glowered. All. The. Time. The self-proclaimed “genius” looked perennially pissed off.

The man addicted to porn is now urging men to be at home with their wives and children.  He speaks of honoring daughters and raising boys who revere and respect women.

In normal times, he could be the new rockstar for the #MeToo movement if those who control big media and Hollywood would allow our heroes to include people of faith and more conservative views.

They don’t. Yet Kanye is krushing it anyway.

And that is reason to hope.

“Jesus is King” is killing the Billboard charts and Mr. West is taking his transformative testimony to sellout crowds who want to know about his new found peace and how he’s able now to fight the chains of addiction and destruction that had him bound, he says, starting at age 5.

If Kanye encourages just 10 people to break their chains and they go on to help and serve 10 others and so on, we are talking about a powerful, tangible, mighty movement that could sweep the country.

We’re talking about real freedom, healthier families, kids with reclaimed childhoods.

All because God met one rapper at the end of himself and totally changed his tune.

As a young TV news reporter, Christy mistakenly drove the bad guys away from the crime scene.  If you're looking for a funny and inspirational speaker for your next event - contact Christy at bodychekessentials@gmail.com or 803.908.7630. For information click HERE.

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