Who’s Afraid of Crash Landings?

Here’s the thing. It’s been crazy. It’s crazy at my age to start a new business - without any experience running the show. It’s even crazier to do it with your 17-year-old daughter as your business partner. None of it makes sense or cents at this point.

As Reagan and I walk through this thing together it’s parts scary, confusing and certainly overwhelmingly.

But more than anything it’s exhilarating.  

I imagine it’s a little like skydiving or cliff jumping - there’s a reason why it’s called “taking a leap of faith.”  

We have our business plans and lofty goals set for Body Chek for the coming year, five years and even ten years. We have big goals because we have a great big God.

But we’ve taken this leap because we know there’s things God wants to teach us. There are people He’s going to put in our path and circumstances He doesn’t want us to miss that have nothing to do with selling athletic bags yet can only be accomplished by us deciding to go into the business of selling athletic bags.

It’s just the way He works.  

So as we work to grow our little company, it’s with hearts fixed not on some sun soaked destination where we get to put our feet up and proclaim “we’ve arrived!”  

Rather, we are making ourselves soak in every small town stop along the way as God leads.  We’re hunkered down for a journey sure to include frustrating detours and doubts. But we truly trust that tests and time are good for us. We believe in our bags - and something so much bigger.  

I’ve never done it (and I won’t!) but I imagine that many first time skydivers and cliff jumpers wish they could scramble back to the safety of familiar ground in that moment after they first leap.  

It’s like that when you do something risky like starting your own business.  

Reagan and I don’t know what kind of landing to expect. It could certainly be rough. It might even hurt. God could steer us in a direction that far exceeds anything we imagined.

That’s also how He works!

But the point is He is steering so we’re strapped in and ready to go.  How and where we land isn’t any surprise to God, and as long He knows we’re good with it!

We expect to be learning so much and we’re thrilled you’re reading our “travel blog” and taking this trip with us as we share with you this crazy, exhilarating adventure of this mom and her teenager building a new business one Body Chek bag at a time.  


Christy Cox

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