Fight the Funk

Shhh—sports moms secrets!
Top 10 Crazy Sports Mom Secrets for Fighting Funk
How to fight smelly gym clothes

Sports Moms know no matter how young, darling, and precious they may be off the field, after an hour or two of sweaty practices or games, Precious and their gear turn putrid and need a ride home in your vehicle—to your home!

It's anything but sweet!

But you can fight the funk and reclaim your calm with our Top 10 Crazy Sports Mom Secrets for Fighting Funk!

1. Freeze that Funk!

Put sneakers, cleats, and assorted stinky sports gear in big Ziplock plastic bags and freeze them overnight. Weird, yes. But it works! Icky bacteria die in the frozen tundra of your freezer, along with the funk.

2. Soak and Sun

If time and weather permit, grab some dish soap or a mild detergent and soak stinky shoes and equipment that can get wet, like pads. Scrub with a soft-bristled brush and rinse. Use old rags or towels, and make sure to squeeze out as much moisture as you can. Then take outdoors and let the sun and the air do their magic.

Remember, "Sunshine is the best disinfectant."

Stuff that is contained and gets no air is stuff that stinks!

Even when you can't wash it, remove gear, gloves, and shoes from athletic bags and air them out, whether on an outside deck or even out in the garage, or under the carport if you have access. Just remember: air!

3. Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets are really handy-dandy little tools. You can stick them in with stinky cheerleading pompoms to mitigate smell, slip them into cleats and sneaks before and after use, and even into those gosh-awful smelling baseball/softball gloves.

Body Chek Bonus Tip: Run a dryer sheet along a favorite couch or chair to pick up dirt and animal hair. (But be smart! Do a small swipe test first in an inconspicuous spot to make sure it doesn't interfere with fabric color.) 

4. Carpet Cleaner

If the ride home with those cleats is really unbearable, try sprinkling a little carpet cleaner in them. 

5. Bag It

Grocery plastic bags are being phased out in many municipalities, so now is the time to gobble them up and put them to good, environmentally friendly use: keeping your car clean!

Keep a bunch of them in your vehicle. Have your kids remove their cleats and put them in one bag and dirty socks in another. The cleats get aired out at home, and the dirty socks get delivered right to the laundry room.

Body Chek Bonus Tip: (We keep a number of dollar store flip-flops in our vehicle so we can run errands/grab food after practices/games and the assorted kids have something on their feet and not stinky, dirty athletic shoes! This leads to the next tip...

6. Spray It

Spray socks and cleats with deodorant. You can also spray your athlete’s feet before they slip them into flips or slides. Just make sure you spray the deodorant outside your vehicle!

7. Dehumidify

If you have a damp basement, you likely know the dramatic difference that one or two dehumidifiers strategically placed can make.  The same holds true for sweaty, smelly sports gear.  Place the sports stuff near a dehumidifier and let it suck all that gross moisture away.  


8. Wash It


This one sounds like a major "Duh!" but so many folks are afraid to simply throw their gear in the washing machine. A little common sense goes a long way, and you should consult your coach or team leader before machine washing any of your team gear. That said, while you obviously can't chuck your ice skates or cleats into the washing machine, there is plenty of stuff that you can wash.

According to a number of sites we consulted, all this good stuff can be safely machine washed: **shin pads, **shoulder pads, **hockey gloves, jock straps (we're told to "take the cup out first and secure the Velcro so it doesn't stick to everything"), socks, jerseys, pants, etc. 


**We strongly recommend you consult your coach before washing pads or any equipment.

**These items should NOT go into the dryer. 

9. Google It

The marketplace is loaded with various products to help combat sports funk. The sports moms we consulted weren't sold on any one product and advised that mostly it came down to common-sense cleaning and lots and lots and lots of air to keep equipment as fresh smelling as possible. But with a little research and a couple of tries, your dream solution could be a click away!


10. Body Chek!

Sports moms love Body Chek bags! They’re bags full of answers for busy moms and loaded with essentials their athletes need, like deodorant, Salty Britches chafing ointment, bandages, ice packs, bug repellent, sunscreen, lip balm, and so much more. Keep Body Chek in the car and on hand to handle sports funk and life with kids!

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